Society of Authors in the Graphic and Plastic Arts 

To personally oppose YATRIDES, Mr. Jean-Marc GUTTON Director of the ADAGP (Official Society of Authors in Graphic and Plastic Arts), obscures the clear texts of the DALLOZ; Code of Intellectual Property, that it plays with contradictory formulas evasive.  Thus GUTTON concludes that an idea is not protected, which is well known but puzzling : this does not apply in the context of the work of YATRIDES including its monolithic plate that is not an idealized fantasy but has been since 1951 (when the ADAGP did not exist) a concrete realization with their own characteristics in themselves and in relation to other elements associated in the affected paintings.
Perfect geometric shape in the works of YATRIDES of 1951-1963 it finds itself in the same position with 2001 a space odyssey (1968).  It  represents today in geometry, the only existing standard,  capable of reproducing itself, only by the projection of its diagonal; particular rectangle created by Georges YATRIDES,  protected by the INPI, French National Institute of Industrial Property. 

To perfect his hazy argument, Mr.GUTTON forgets that monolith YATRIDES plate is not a single element of the film, but  cult object of the film, the axis and engine, the driving force of  2001 a space odyssey, which  determines the successive sequences of this great movie.

Thus, Jean-Marc GUTTON refuses to apply the law that protects intellectual property, threatening YATRIDES if he was reacting , "to submit the initiative for a procedure to our Board of Directors who fail not to join the conclusions of our legal advice. you renewing our and my regrets, I beg you to accept, Sir, my best regards". Signed Jean-Marc GUTTON. We see no threat here, except to consider an insult to the intelligence of YATRIDES. It was his will that the Board of intervenes. This clearly underlines that Marc GUTTON acted alone, without any other consideration, no more that of the ADAGP he abuses. 

It is interesting to analyze the reasons for the behavior of Mr. Jean-Marc GUTTON  to meet the multi-stakeholder discussions, the most moderate, suggest:

a- Lack of knowledge of the basic attributes of the law
b- Intellectual failure  "momentary"  inability to make choices
c- Stated desire to obscure the text of DALLOZ, on the bottom
For the benefit of what or who ?
For one person or a group ?
From Metro Goldwyn Mayer ?

These are the issues and debates YATRIDES do not participate. We recognize the man,  considering only this field alone of film, here concerned, and vis-à-vis compromise. So he refused, despite their offers, that his biography is manipulated by inancial producers in feature films about the adventure of his life, despite his esteem for Jean Delannoy close friend and Marcel Carné sincere friend; and respect today for  Miles Millar and Brendan Turrill,  passionate about his work, his tumultuous life. Are known only four (4) major producers affected by its refusal. As YATRIDES talking short, it can be said without much hesitation that  they are certainly more numerous. Regret is focused on their disappointment, not to mention that of renowned actors who wanted to be on the generic list. In a world where those whose passion is to amass wealth, do not know that they are naked and poor, even if their final vault is made of solid gold, it is difficult to understand YATRIDES.

Some do not think Jean-Marc GUTTON had acted knowingly, although they appear to be among the few to believe. They suggest that Mr. GUTTON could make a spontaneous error not corrected by oblivion without foreseeing harmful unintended consequences.

Different people think in the last option, that Mr. GUTTON  to win only time , could easily decide "not to complicate life" particularly against of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) producing "2001: a space odyssey" :  The position of YATRIDES perhaps seemed to him secondar.

However, this decision associated with those of Jacques BOUSSAC Director of the Gazette of the HOTEL DROUOT that preceded deliberately not registering significant sales YATRIDES' paintings, favored if not encouraged or instigated the events that injure many people: "Thesis uninteresting that it must reject it if only to preserve the art world already weakened by business" sic YATRIDES. However, these actions have affected many small buyers Collectors; but also important Private Collections, preeminent by the weight of ethics and not the money; they want the facts are known, despite the leniency YATRIDES.  See "ArtPrice case" on this site.

The origin of this excitement was Gazette HOTEL DROUOT and ADAGP. tacitly causing a broadcaster group information, in the various fields of art, and in other domains in which YATRIDES ' work was highlighted. 

In such cases, the Office of the DALLOZ CIVIL CODE itself could intervene. But YATRIDES is not litigious.