Questioning of ARTPRICE the information of which maintained a confusion 
harmful to the participants of the world of the art in particular to the detriment
of pre-eminent private Collections but also to the detriment
of the heritage of often modest, not warned
sincere Collectors so deceived

Thierry Erhmann forgot to respond to the request that had been made to him twice, according to respond a correct adapted ethics, for its misinformation. His silence, which has been interpreted as a sign of contempt, determined the intervention of the police March 6, 2001, file instructed by the Judge LOISEAU at Lyon, then by the Inspectors  MARTIN and NORMAND (SRPJ) under the mandate of the MANAGEMENT CENTER JUDICIAL POLICE (DCPJ), following a complaint by one of the injured victims, Jean BLANC Lawyer whom had been stolen the 5th painting of the list offending dubious works (see next paragraph). Non litigious YATRIDES asked to stop the prosecution of concealment of information subject to damage  (French Penal Code 441-1). This highlights this expression of René CHAR "YATRIDES painter outside the tumult that has mastered not common time" peaceful witness of indecomposable study in 1975 in Isle sur la Sorgue and the Christian GALI reveals in his journal "TALK Summer 1975 ". Concealment practiced by a professional in information aggravates the case and determines harm compensated by heavier judicial decisions as those applied fortheft

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The first four ( 4 ) paintings below registered on Web ARTPRICE site, are not oils on canvas. Their dimensions are erroneous; in particular the first quoted dimension which always represents the vertical side of a painting. Their titles correspond to authentic original monochrome or two colours watercolour paintings, rarely more colours and not claimed as being oils on canvas.

The 5th picture " the painter and its model " is a stolen painting, recorded, presented and spread  by ARTPRICE. It is an  information which  can be a misdemeanor, an offence for someone. This work sold by ANAF auctioneer, Lyon (France) in the very first legal action, resulted in the criminal conviction for concealing, the condemnation for receiving the trader,  woman Merchant of the  picture having put it on  sale at ANAF Rooms who operated the sale, although she claimed not to know, not to be aware of. Consequential disciplinary action against those guilty of receiving criminal objects, stolen goods  and/or concealment of information in particular, are liable to legal prosecution. Also prosecuted the perpetrators of concealment in good faith, although without specific intent or definite premeditation, they prejudice to third parties and harm. After conviction of art Dealer involved, the other correlative law suits/condemnations, were not applied, Yatridès stopping its prosecutions. He would not  go further  so as not to prejudice the sensible world of art in which he evolved without dishonest compromise vis-à-vis major Private collections who put his works at the forefront of their collection as underlined Samuel E. Johnson Director of the International Galleries, Chicago Ill. USA with whom Yatrides was exclusive contract.

These 5 paintings contain besides no date of realization.
Four first ones are not oils but watercolours on canvas stretched on frame with keys.
The 1st ( Still life ) is not of title, title which is required by the customs during exports.

  • The 2nd ( The white tulip ) is a two colours watercolour.
  • The 3rd ( Street scene ) monochrome Watercolour green nuances, on canvas.
  • The 4th ( Attentive ) is a monochrome watercolour green nuances.
  • The 5th ( The painter and his model whimsical title) Oil  Painting on cardboard to be painted got ready type ' Lefranc ' (43 x 34cm), whose binder of the mineral colours is an oil more resins, final varnish carnauba. 

This 5th picture - oil on cardboard of 1946. " The painter and its model ", 46x38cm international size 8 F, sold 136 000F ( 20.600 Euros) by Mr. ANAF in Lyon (Lyon, France) the 29.10.89 was a stolen picture, sold first time to a trader of paintings, the remitter on sale in the room of Mr. Anaf (Re: Dauphiné Libéré-16 and in June 20th, 1992).

In the same way for the sale realized by Christie New York East of a false picture, the third picture of the list above). Indeed: the authentic painting  of this representing painting one street of PARIS is entitled " close PARIS street BUFFAULT " dated 1960, where YATRIDES was living. This work was painted in the monochrome  watercolor on canvas  and not an oil on paper. Il is difficult to imagine that the experts were able to confuse some paper with the canvas; nevertheless, it happened. Being realized on paper it is thus a forgery.
What is more, besides the authentic painting "Street Scene"  which is a watercolor  in the totally different, the composition of which includes two characters.

Street scene .
25.50" x 19.80"
Created: not given
The Lot: 126
Of Christie New York, "East" 1993/10/05

Similarly, another example of the stolen paintings " The man with the sheet " (The anti-stochastic)1982, (40 P international size), put forsale on 20/10/85 in Faure and Rey auctioneers Rooms at Rambouillet French renown town, Les yvelines (Departement 78 ). Intervention by the Police Judicial Commissioner of Senlis (Departement 60) stopping the sale estimated 800.000 Frs.


Memory : it is necessary to remind here that law plans that the maximal punishment for receiving is heavier than that punishing a theft: 5 years of detention and 375 000 € of fine for the receiving, against 3 years of detention and 45 000 € for a common theft. When the receiving is committed by using the opportunities which gets the exercise of a professional activity, it is punished for 10 years of detention and for 750.000€ (this amount increasing fivefold if the breach is committed by a legal entity). The accomplice of a receiving, and the author of handling stolen goods itself incur the same penalties.

Concerning laymen : the judges can base(establish) themselves on the doubtful circumstances and blame the buyer for not having carried out(achieved) any diligences necessary for the check of the origin of the thing. In that case the buyer will pass of simple buyer in receiver with all the concerned penalties. The Judges are only authorized to recognize the good faith of the receiver and its misunderstanding of the committed crime.

Concerning professionals : the judges will show a bigger severity towards professionals considering that they cannot, or with difficulty, ignore the fraudulent origin of a thing because of their profession. 

Concerning receiving of information : the information being an impalpable thing, its receiving appears during its use. It is when the author of the offence will use the information under which shape that it is, that we learn that he held it in receiving. 

0n approximately 670 paintings, of which Yatrides realized 480 oil paintings, 140 watercolours studies approximately, for the greater part mono chromic or 2 colours and approximately 15 in 20 original polychromous process painting ' tempera ' in emulsion water/resins, on canvas stretched on frame with keys, canvas got ready for its techniques, particularly from 1957 till 1963. Some other watercolours and resin in tempera, estimated unless thirty, are situated outside this period and more exactly from 1954 till 1966 to the year 1972. 

All confusion of kinds between Oil and watercolours takes place at the cost of modest Collectors. The Inspection of the French Administration on order of the General Tax Office estimated, on the bottom  and the shape, the value of the work ( > Fiscal Estimation of the work). In correlation, so harmful documents emanating from Auctioneers annoyed by Mr. Jacques BOUSSAC Director's practices of the magazine Edition, “ La Gazette de l’Hôtel Drouot ” Paris and from his assistants Yves GAIRAUD and Didier ROMAND, including  Gérald SCHURR (died since); they concern their voluntary omissions of sales YATRIDES when they were important what had for result to destabilize the auctions of the watercolours works claimed oil/paintings by this manipulated confusion, to direct the Market of the Art for the benefit of a French established order. The Gazette of the Hotel Drouot was in the  past time the world reference directory of Auctions ( ). 

From 1954 this day, all paintings, including its Oils on canvas, concerns engraved in the paste which represents the graphics/ drawing, it is not a ring which consolidates on surface an awkward drawing; but on the contrary, this line engraved  by Yatridès is the drawing itself, beginnings of the canvas up to the ultimate coat of paint, realizing a furrow through all the coats/layers) of colour.

Watercolour etudes or the oil Paintings, the work of Georges Yatridès is technically recognizable, in particular by this line of the graphics engraved in the 2 millimetres deep, basic paste at least, it is the drawing itself since the weft of the painting,  from the beginnings of the work up to the layer, the ultimate of the various coats of paint when it is about oil which synthesis of the transparencies, the transparency, opalescence, matt effects).

This peculiarity which is personal him cannot be entirely reproduced, content and form being bound. But the same peculiarity allows an imitator an whimsical elaboration being able to deceive little warned, modest or naive amateurs. 
Painting and drawing obey laws of nature which it discovered during its personal basic research ended in the CEA-CENG (AEC: French atomic energy commission - Grenoble centre Nuclear studies) extrapolated in the art of its work. ( >Evaluation of its work)

La rue la nuit
73x50 cm, 1961