and the

"Beyond the whole of the time"
Descriptive mark of the mastery of Time in the work of Yatridès
 « There are only two infinite things: the Universe and Human stupidity, but for the Universe,  
I have no absolute certainty...Imagination is more important than knowledge ». 

« When some one rises, he seems small to those who can not fly
until he disappears of their understanding ».

Aboutissement des lois (Culmination of the Laws
81x116 cm  - 1981 

Gweneth Vidler-Dulles    -Lien- 

President of the FOUNDATION FRANCE-GRANDE BRETAGNE, Delegate of British Chamber of Commerce 1989. In London, she introduces YATRIDES in great Private Collections that put his paintings in the first rank of their collection.The ostracism, by French establishment, practiced on important auctions of Yatrides' paintings(...) in response to this situation, prominent Private Collections conduct their transactions in the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE FRANCO BRISTIH where the sale prices are officially registered, unlike some unusual public auctions dubious, sales to create markets that mislead unsuspecting collectors

Christie's      -Lien-

Very few comments from CHRISTIE's on its presentation / sales catalogs.. However :  « YATRIDES was born in France in 1931 and is a major exponent of the Graphic School which developed between 1948-52 and includes such exponents as Bernard Buffet » Christie's Great Rooms, London, Tuesday 22 March 1983 at 2.30 p.m. The sales record was that of YATRIDES painting "The other shore"; best selling among the works of Leonor FINI,  Maurice VLAMINCK , Bernard BUFFET, Jules PASCIN, André MASSON.

Jacques Lourthioux    -Lien-

President of "Yatrides and his century"; recognized organization, the Bureau consists of Vice Presidents Officials members, including the Director of Public Protection and Tax Director. Their friendship will faultless.

Jean-Claude Cavaille   -Lien-

Senior Inspector, Inspectorate of the Tax Administration :  « He draws inspiration from a vast culture that embraces the human adventure of archeology oldest to the most advanced science" (…) his own research at Nuclear Research Cente CENG - AEC French Atomic Energy Commission(cf. § 22-paragraph 3). "Yatridès is in the line of the great masters. It is the quality: at the top, and the message proclaimed in front of the pictorial art of our time » (Conclusion Paragraph 4). Jean-Claude CAVAILLE Senior Inspector, Inspectorate of the Tax Administration - Comprehensive Audit of whole Fiscal Situation, General Tax Department (VASFE 3839 B, 3953).

Ingrid Schulte-Vilain    -Lien-

Close to YATRIDES.  She spends 6 months a year in Hollywood. His contacts on site include Miles Millar friend. She led in France a major art gallery on the French Riviera which put her in relation with Herbert von Karajan, Alain Delon, Brigitte Bardot, Michèle Morgan and Gerard Oury. Among the exhibited artists: Dunoyer de Segonzac, David Hamilton, Man Ray. She presents Yatridès at the Tate Gallery London. Yatridès must leave 2 works for exhibition. « I leave nothing if I am not paid » (Sic Yatridès) Ingrid Schulte-Heessen (1975). During that same year, Christie's sold one of his paintings,  auction record. 

Miles Millar    -Lien-

Prolific writers/producers. "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor",  "Shanghai Noon", starring Jackie CHAN, "Spider-Man 2", starring Toby "Lethal Weapon 4" starring Mel GIBSON and Danny GLOVER. « The power of Yatridès' vision is everlasting and I would want to see a film on the subject given its proper due  ( ... )  He is an absolute in the incessant redefining and evolving anatomy of contemporary art  ( ... )  It was humbling to immerge myself in such transcendent imagery and substance. Georges Yatrides work is awe-inspiring and rightfully deserves the position it will take in our collective history, he is a true craftsman of the intangible. I sincerely thank you for considering me such a remarkable endeavour  ». Miles MILLAR Los Angeles 2009.

John Vilain    -Lien-

John VILAIN husband of Ingrid SCHULTE:  
« The letter from Miles MILLAR  is dithyrambic without exaggeration; it really is to your glory. I stress to you that, similarly, Ingrid deeply love your work. Regarding investors for 2 films planned; the script reference book was given to Barclays Bank who was waiting for, with whom Ingrid had numerous interviews. For the rest, it is in contact with Karl Baker, Finance Entertainment & Production-5075 Highborn Lane NE, Centerville, Virginia 20120. I remind you that our daughter Dounia is Vice Chair of the Department of a major TV channels Statistics (CWT, formerly Warner Bros). (...) It is unfortunate that, for systematic objections, all these projects fall by the wayside ».  John VILAIN July 28, 2008. YATRIDES asked to simply refer to the reasons that have so far determined its position. 

Brendan Turrill    -Lien-

TURRILL numerous original screenplays : “The Mikako conflict”, “Sarah 88”, “Paris Rising” - Adapted screeplays :  “Deathwatch”, “Gamble Lucky”, “Norvegian Wood. « YATRIDES painting fascinates me on both a visceral and intellectual level. (...) I was somewhat surprised, to discover he has not reached the height of his fame in his own country, France (…) he has just as unique and individual of a voice as DALI or PICASSO had in their time. Why? I think perhaps this is a question the film could probe. I'd like to build Yatrides up one of the most meaningful genius painters of the 20th century.In his paintings he shows us the past, the present, the future and beyond into the unknown; much like Stanley KUBRICK tried to do in his film "2001: a space odyssey". It has been speculated that the black obelisk, the central mysterious element of Kubrick's historically significant film, was based on Yatrides' series of paintings »  Brendan TURRILL Los Angeles 0ctober 29, 2008.

Gilbert Arnaud    -Lien-  

Informatics specialist,  freelance writer; director of several Yatrides sites: "Universe Yatridès", "Yatridès Authentic",  "Yatridès Gallery", "Yatrides biography events", that consist, without personal judgment, only of references, various editions, dictionaries, biographies that emphasize the authenticity of YATRIDES Art. "His extensive experience in the binary for twelve years in the IT departments of Air France, does enter in the semiology of Yatridès codes  expression, that distinguish between drawing and graphics that constitutes it".

Peter Tarnoff    -Lien-          

US President in Europe for scientific development (Geneva) US State Department Director, Office of Research & Analysis, Western Europe1975-1976 - USA Government, President Council on Foreign Relations 1986-1993- etc.) devoted YATRIDES friend, he asks RTL (Radio Television Luxembourg) to move to Paris. Vehicles and trailers/RTL cameras invade the “rue de Verneuil”, the street in which lives Alain DELON, to film the works of YATRIDES exhibited in the art gallery of Jean Charles LIGNEL, director of the DAILY "PROGRES de LYON". RTL block for 35 minutes the "rue de Verneuil". YATRIDES had accepted this action of  Peter TARNOFF, although LIGNEL personality is opposed to his conceptions. By the end of this exhibition, he will break the contract of Jean-Charles LIGNEL. He could not agree with the character of LIGNEL.

Arthur Conte    -Lien-

 Historian, Minister, CEO of initial TV channels of the ORTF, President of the Western European Union (1960-1963). His book "Yatridès master of time” : « Dear George, I absolutely confirm to you that I have wrote this for to you only to honor our friendship and your genius. I have offered to you unconditionally. May this text simply increase the knowledge of the great artist that you are » Arthur Conte June 14, 1986) (...) « Yatridès? An artist of genius; creator of time and space. (...)  Moreover, as the truly great, it is unclassifiable (...) Thus, in full civilization masses and fatalism, he maintains, in turn, the pride and nobility of this increasingly rare: the only man, but as far in true and intense communion with the deepest humanity ». But deep in himself, that Yatridès want? He does not play, he will…« And what does he want? He wants the human adventure. In each canvas he intended to include all the epopee of humanity.  ».. Arthur CONTE "Yatridès Master of Time" 1992.

Jean Leymarie     -Lien-

Professor of Greek, Art historian, curator of the Museum of Grenoble (1950-1956), Director of the Musée National d'Art Moderne (1968-1973), Director of  Studies at the École du LOUVRE, and finally Director of the ACADEMIE de FRANCE  in Rome (1978). Jean LEYMARIE which Louis PANIER Consul of France, second father, father in law  of Georges, presents " to check if what he painted was commensurate with its provisions for science" . "In 1950 Yatridès is 19 years old. LEYMARIE  who observed the evolution of YATRIDES' work during 5 years, time of his duties at the Museum.  (...) The posed challenge is to find what the previous successive painting schools were unable to conceive :  the mastery of time. LEYMARIE does not oppose this fanciful, foolish project. 15 years later in 1972, YATRIDES will perform it after its searches to ECA (CEA French Atomic Energy Commission);  he discover new properties of the light emitted by an incandescent solid body and its extensions in many disciplines. He extrapolates artistically some elements in his painting to control  the matter and master the space ("Yatridès Master of time", Arthur Conte 1992).

André Reidberger    -Lien-

At the special sale in Paris December 12, 1983 a YATRIDES' oil (...) directed by Mr. Cornette de Saint-Cyr auctioneer, René HUYGHE is guest of honor. André REIDBERGER  Governor of Rotary International: « (...) I see tonight, you are very numerous to have responded to my call (...) I thank all the individuals who were willing to join us, especially Mr. Arthur CONTE, Mr. ORENGO,  Alexander BOURMEYSTER, Mr. Robert GUIDET Tax Inspector. I must apologize René HUYGHE of the French Academy who deeply regret not having been able to join us, retained by his travelling ». Six years later,René HUYGHE goes XVIIIth Montmorency Show in January 1989, where he hopes to meet Yatridès and can finally see close his paintings that was talking to him Jean LEYMARIE, long before 1983.

Georges Arnone     -Lien-

Deputy Mayor for Culture of the City of Montmorency « YATRIDES, a light coming from elsewhere of which we do not find the source, the trait in itself, surprising line which projects the image in other spaces, a contraction of the time». Georges Arnone creates and organizes Salons of Montmorency. At the XIth Salon YATRIDES is  Grand Prize of the City of Montmorency (08-22 November 1981); in the XIII th Salon  its Solo Exhibition (13-27 November 1983). Finally, guest back to expose in the XVIII th Salon (14-29 January 1989) which  commemorates its previous exhibitions as Guest of Honor and Grand Prix. René HUYGHE Curator of LOUVRE Muesum, to whom Georges ARNONE will report that Yatridès will appear to the XVIIIth Salon, he will come there in January 1989 hoping to meet YATRIDES and his work; finally he sees close his paintings of which had spoken hisfriend Jean LEYMARIE, long before 1983. HUYGHE' analysis is impressive: «  (...) YATRIDES work is The synthesis of the Painting ». 

René Huyghe     -Lien-

Art historian, curator of the Museum of LOUVRE psychologist and philosopher of art, professor at the Ecole du Louvre, Rene Huyghe go in the XVIIIth Montmorency Show (14-29 January 1989). During its speech HUYGHE said :  « YATRIDES is the only one that attracts and retains the attention. Georges ARNONE had defined this Contraction Time, the light from outside paint. Jean LEYMARIE, was interested in YATRIDES in this new adventure of painting. I note that the content and form are bound by an unparalleled technique. Another graphical mode which lends itself to a tangible synthesis of painting. There is another thing which should be deepened » René HUYGHE, Montmorency, (January 1989) alongside Claude and Georges ARNONE, Deputy Mayor for Culture of the city of Montmorency

Marcel Carné     -Lien-

Great  French Film-maker and Paul Quintard his manager: « My Dear George, I ask you to tell me when you can (...) work with Henri François Rey screenwriter and dialogue writer (Mechanical Piano ..The masked Horses ... etc.)  for ( ...) a prestigious film about the world, the environment of the painting around Yatridès life, the man and his work; film directed by Marcel Carné. Legion of Honour Commander's Cross was awarded to him by the President François Mitterrand (...) It is undeniable that the film is expected to be international for (...) grouping several stars ».  (Jacques Quintard January 14, 1986) .Yatridès in his situation, has the obligation not to respond favorably, his work is out of place in the film proposed by Jacques Quintard / Marcel Carné, such that it is corrected by investors / producers.

Jean Delannoy     -Lien-

Famous director and friend of YATRIDES :  « The more I consider the exceptional quality of your paint, the more I am convinced that this can result in a fine film based on both the originality of your work and elements of your own life. So I decided to undertake this film that will be for me as the consecration of my long career ». (Jean Delannoy 24 October 1987) (...) « Dear George  I hope this official letter (...) Each new day at your touch in the middle of the bewitchment of your paintings and mingled  to your basic essential research, always brings me more joy and enthusiasm (...). Bon voyage dear George, in the land of the rising sun. My Dusk gets a new dawn ». Jean Delannoy, 19 November 1987.

Armand Drouant    -Lien- 

Renown Director of Gallery DROUANT-DAVID Paris, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. He is the first character in Paris who discovers YATRIDES. In 1954, Florence Pozzo di Borgo his young wife, from a large family of Dukes who, on the advice of a family member, his cousin Janine CHARRAT prima ballerina, contacts Armand DROUANT. It will meet YATRIDES in Villefranche sur mer in his villa Massouri. The passing days spontaneous agreement of the two men becomes a profound esteem that will bind a long time. He asked George YATRIDES fifty works, that it will bring him to the Drouant-David Gallery rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré Wednesday, December 7, 1955, 18 hours. DROUANT back from his trip to the US is late. Jean DAVID, Armand DROUANT' Partner meet  YATRIDES. 

Jean David    -Lien- 

YATRIDES will review DROUANT long after. DAVID businessman notarial training; associated wealthy Armand DROUANT for creating DROUANT-DAVID Gallery in 1942, influenced the design and development of the work of painters. When their docility allowed, to do it, or their ambtion or distress. Conditions that could not satisfy YATRIDES. No more CARZOU who left the gallery 10 years earlier.

Jacques Chirac     -Lien-

Jacques CHIRAC Mayor of Paris, later President of the Republic, is sponsoring "The rails of the  the sky"  to the Sacred Heart of Montmartre June 10-September 1, 1981, where 3 Crypts are attributed to YATRIDES for his work, exhibition where Bernard BUFFET with other artists are noticed. Endorsed by Jacques CHIRAC, mayor of Paris which had met during a meal YATRIDES together at the same table. Monsignor Maxime CHARLES extended exposure YATRIDES additional 3 weeks. Crypts of his works are mounted in the NEF of CATHEDRAL, to be exposed, including its stained glass "The Battle of Jacob and the Angel".

Lady Chastenet de Gery   -Lien-

Director of Vowels Gallery, Montmartre, which organizes March 5, 1956, the first solo exhibition YATRIDES in Paris. There he will be discovered by the pre-eminent Parisian critics and a great collector who will warn Samuel-E. JOHNSON, International Galleries, Chicago. YATRIDES will remain 17 years under contract JOHNSON, contract he will break on its own initiative. He left the gallery in 1972 to return to its fundamental scientific research. He can not forget Mrs. ChASTENET who opened his gallery, removed the painting of an artist exposed to hang his own paintings.

Henri Linard     -Lien-

Restorer, member of the Restoration Workshop of LOUVRE museum, becomes a privileged relationship. Their meetings and letters are numerous; they treat the means that may allow the paint to resist in time. He is interested in the technical work of YATRIDES, his  thixotropic he had used for his first 2 periods "Fauve" and "Abstract" and means of its following periods that result in mastering an intrinsic light without color parasites, independent of the graphics that creates volumes without using drop shadow or shade contrast.

James Crowley     -Lien-

Famous Physicist, Doctor in Physics MELLON University PITTSBURG, for the CNRS French Centre of Scientific Research, where he leads several research groups. Professor James L. Crowley HAS served as Director for the UMR, GRAVIR laboratory (UMR 5527 CNRS, INPG, UJF, INRIA, Prima, Lig, Ensimag). Over the past 30 years it brings the basic input in the Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation. He designed a site that analyzes the work of Yatridès, scientifically and pictorial, its influence on other artists, including Stanley KUBRICK using the Monolith YATRIDES, axis of the scenario, cult object and motor of different successive sequences of "2001: a space odyssey."

Pierre Pasleau de Charnay     -Lien-

May 17, 1989, his Serene Highness Minister of the Sovereign Military Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, "named Georges YATRIDES, hospitable Knight of Malta", admitted by the Council prioral, as Knight-Commander of justice. Yatridès in his situation will not accept this honor and refuse "equestrian arming and liturgical knighting" according to the rites of the Grand Priory.

Paul Perroud     -Lien-

Director of Special Applications of Physics-CEA (English AEC Atomic Energy Commission) will make available to Yatrides laboratories, engineers and chemists, where he discovered new properties of light emitted by a solid body of incandescence. In agreement with SEITA (French government tobacco and mtches monopoly), tobacco is chosen, because of some 5,000 components that constitute it. The combustion of the cigarette to 800 at 870 ° Celsius. At 500 °, the temperature vaporizes many elements including lead. In the body of the cigarette is inserted, a steel tube 440 raised to incandescence by the combustion of tpbacco.. Its glow emits a white light that will cross the vaporized tobacco components. The standard speed of light will have different characteristics. In a "Flint Glass" containing lead, the speed of the colors in the white color spectrum is reduced, each specifically. The speed of the color red is reduced to: 1854 x 10 8  m/s (185.400.000 m / s). The color blue: 1835 x 10 8 m / s (183 500 000 m/s) - Normally the color blue is faster than red. In the case studied, paradoxically, it is slower than the red .. Thus,  the constant speed c (299, 722, 458 m / s) is variable, not constant. In addition if the volume of different vapors increasing by dispersing.

The analyzes were made in its two separate cases. In the first case, when the "hearth focus" of the cigarette is supplied with oxygen, its temperature reaches very quickly its maximum and decreases abruptly when deprived of oxygen. In the second case, with steel 440, when it is when deprived of oxygen if needed its glowing temperature resists and withstands a time before to decreases slowly . According to characteristics of the device prepared by YATRIDES, the light is very different rates of its standard speed, when it passes through the vapor substances and elements. Time and Space are concerned. At this point, YATRIDES discovers that a photon est 

Pierre LEDEZ research Director SEITA is interested in YATRIDES of patents granted, particularly in the USA that underlines a significant reduction of harmful elements, hydrocarbons in particular. However less harmful cigarettes, would be smoked more. No one seems to be interested in the light, not even Washington. 

Alexandre Bourmeyster     -Lien-

Semiotician, Dean Université Grenoble III. He wrote his seminal "YATRIDÈS and hiscentury,"anti-Picasso"(1992),"Monolithic Yatridès 1957-Kubrick 1968" (1993), "Space Odyssey"(1994), "interstellar icons"(1996),"The painter of the realinvisible" (...)" His art is the result of each conquest, science and technology, a sum of knowledge, acquired fought. If it is a religious problem and even mystical, (...)the art of Yatridès does not mean the restoration of a classicism, after decades of abstract art. It is the conquest of a new open space on both the past and the future, abolishing the temporal dimension and restoring to man the right to ask the fundamental questions".  Alexandre Sacha BOURMEYSTER, 13th Salon of Montmorency, Edition November 1983. "How can the man in the brevity of its existence, communicate with this infinity ?  Slab Monolith YATRIDÈS is the answer to all these questions and many others, but indecipherable for those who do not see". "YATRIDÈS and his century the anti PICASSO', Alexandre Sacha BOURMEYSTER, 1996

Stanley Kubrick     -Lien-

"(...) The monolith YATRIDES slab, axis and engine of the successive sequences of  "2001 a space odyssey",  of KUBRICK and CLARKE film (Arthur Conte "Yatridès master of time" 1992). Yatrides reveals in his paintings "Death Maya" from 1951 and a 1957 study "Compiling: Eternity object" ; until 1965 slab  (...) represent the absolute knowledge; this program in its path as the promise of a total revelation. In 1968, KUBRICK draws the famous film "2001: A Space Odyssey". YATRIDES Slab monolith, carrier of Universal Truth, is revealed here as "one" aspect only. "(...)
Later in 1985, in the Peter HYAMS film "2010 Odyssey Two", YATRIDES Slab acquires its metaphysical dimensions in scale, which confirms the original meaning given by YATRIDES "the Monolith slab is the canvas of the universe, painting that encloses everything the cosmos bears, since the beginning of time, including canvases Yatridès has devoted to it. "In 2012, BOURMEYSTER radicalizes its analysis : the precedence of Yatridès slab and more clearly opposed YATRIDES inspiration to those of CLARKE-KUBRICK (excerpt)
Alexandre Sacha BOURMEYSTER analysis.

Lars Von Trier     -Lien-

Further In "The slab, the Bible and the Sphere", BOURMEYSTER notes again "... as a painting to another, YATRIDES' sphere, had grown and acquired an alarming brightness in " essential Vibration final phase " oil 1981. Man present in the painting robs us his face. YATRIDES terrified he had stopped painting after having experienced this revelation transcribed in the "final phase". revelation is the exact translation of Apocalypse, painting Yatridès, is apocalyptic and prophetic.
I got confirmation at the Cannes Festival during the Film projection Melancholia of Lars Von TRIER (...) sublime images, cruel and agonizing fresco under the sign of TARKOVSKI,   the end of the world (... ) that the planet Melancholia irresistibly moving towards the earth, like 30 years ago in the paintings Yatridès an unknown sphere was approaching a tetanised painter (...) :  Lars Von TRIER would have inspired the sphere YATRIDES as KUBRICK his slab. Everything leads to believe. "BOURMEYSTER 2012

René Char     -Lien-

French Great Poet. he wrote "YATRIDES the painter outside the tumult," You mastered the uncommon times " L'Isle sur la Sorgue (1975) .A high esteem will link the two very different temperaments creators. Yatridès really would have liked to be the master time as will also write CONTE Arthur and others. "If someone was selling this time I'd his brother, which I do not would separate me." It attributed these words to Yatridèswho often says that "the best days of his life are those experienced the day before 'because the next day we still will not fly."

Christian Gali     -Lien-

Poet disciple of René CHAR  he presents to YATRIDES and accompanies their communion. "Albert CAMUS recognize that for the Greeks, beauty is at first.It is with this requirement he lives in America a time of exile that was neither imposed nor advised. In the rustle of the crowd in CHICAGO and NEW YORK,  his secret garden is never threatened. YATRIDES who promised to serve the truth, sworn to life. The sun rises on the workshop battle. "Yatrides provides answers to questions that have not yet been asked or thought. "Intuition, what do you know when to offer. A swarm convictions animates Yatrides. To reassure, he made a respected the canvas site, pride and nobility of the artist who raises "Christian Gali (1975). 

Jacques Charpentier   -Lien-

Grand compositeur français, écrit à Buenos Aires un quatuor à cordes ‘'Prélude pour l'ailleurs'' (1984), en hommage à l'œuvre de Georges YATRIDES  "Les Nouveaux rouleaux",  peinture/Huile vendue aux enchères par Me Pierre Cornette de Saint-Cyr, au bénéfices des enfants myopathes de l'Est, en particulier de POLOGNE.

Gustave Hodebert          -Lien-

Prix de Académie française, Prix Auguste Capdeville 

Samuel E. Johnson     -Lien-

International Galleries Director, Chicago Illinois USA, expose YATRIDES. Le succès est immédiat et se diffuse dans d'autres pays dont Angleterre et Suisse. Ensuite "Great Contemporary Masters" (1959), "Drawings and Watercolors of the French School" (december 1959), "Masters of Modern Art" (1960), "Specialists in XXth century Masters" (1965) etc. « Yatrides has found within himself the talent and inspiration necessary to present a complete artistic world. His artistic development presents one of the most interesting stories in recent painting history ». 

"The paintings of Yatrides enter important collections in Detroit, New York, Chicago and Montreal. Already in 1958, his works enter in preeminent collections in every major city in the US, Canada and Latin America. "(Correlative Catalogs: "Its total production only exhibited in Chicago, during the first six months of 1959, more than half of his work, however, is acquired by foreign Collections These collections include Mexico, France, England and Switzerland." ) « The dominant factor which thus characterizes the art of Georges Yatrides is the painter's utter and pure individuality. The significance of Georges Yatridès is evident in this exhibition which is the most important showing of his works ever presented in Europe or America (...) At this point where some of the most touted artistic names of a few years ago are now falling in prestige, the position of Yatrides is strong and steadily growing stronger (...) Yatrides searches and finds within himself ever more varied and ever broadening artistic horizons ». Samuel-E. JOHNSON, Director International Galleries, Chicago,

International Galleries Chicago     -Lien-

"Contemporary French Masters" 'exposition remarquable en avril 1959 ayant précédé celle de son exposition monographique en novembre 1959, Samuel-E. JOHNSON exposait des toiles de YATRIDES et de Pablo PICASSO, exposition qui remet en question la l'évolution des peintres dont PICASSO :  « Since his first 'exhibition' in Paris with Vollard in 1901, Picasso has remained the most marked name in French art. His more recent work has shown a disappointing decadence ». International Galleries, Chicago, april1959. Suivent les manifestations dans lesquelles son œuvre est mis en exergue dont "Drawings and Watercolors of the French School" (december 1959), "Masters of Modern Art" (1960), "Specialists in XXth century Masters" (1965) qui réapparaissent dans les galeries US qui dépendaient de Samuel-E. JOHNSON

Jean-François Echegut      -Lien-

Organizer passionate about all facets of pictorial art, he realizes international meetings such as Biennales Internationales de France-Canada-1987 followed by others including Canada-France 1988, bringing together 170 artists from 35 countries under the auspices, Valery Giscard d ESTAING, french President: 170 artists moved to Canada in a Boeing specially chartered by him, accompanied by a sea container of 30 cubic meters containing more than 1,000 original works, including those of Cocteau, Chagall, Matisse, Bonnard, Kandinsky, LEGER, GOERG , A. LHOTE, PICASSO. During these Biennales, the 1987 and then from 1988 to 1991 and 1991-1993 YATRIDES is invited as "Guest Master Main" and "Great Master Guest". 

Madeleine D. Tremblay     -Lien-

Canadian organizer, arts international Biennials in Canada, she provided Jean-François ECHEGUT the devices necessary for the participation of the French delegation. "Dear Master, Madeleine Tremblay (...) makes arrangements to welcome you (...) with the respect due to YATRIDES rank (...) " Jeff ECHEGUT, (4 February 1988)."Delighted and honored (...) memorial draw one of your lithographs marking the opening of the Biennale scheduled for October 25, 1988 ".  Madeleine D. TREMBLAY

Diego Rivera     -Lien-

YATRIDES lived in Mexico, invited by his father, American businessman born in the USA. There he knew the famous painters muralists David Alfaro SIQUEIROS in Cuernavaca and Diego Rivera in Mexico City. These artists used painting created by chemists at the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico. In cooperation with them, they realized the initial stable acrylic paint, able to withstand harsh weather, variables, regarding a town located more than 2200 meters. They kept the democratic revolt in realizing large frescoes on the walls of public buildings including those dazzling, of RIVERA.« "However we can not compare this technique, as has been suggested, with pictorial material synthesis YATRIDES, both in his gouaches on canvasses that his oils paintings in which the graphics of the drawing is a deep groove of 2 mm,. "It is thirteen years after the Mexican invention that the US Liquitex brand brings to market the formula developed in 1963 by Henry Levinson, formula diluted with water, less sophisticated more easily manufacturable, more profitable. The same year the WARHOL and HOCKNEY use this formula sensitive to moisture which produces, in time, a mycosis that alter the colors".

Greg Juarez     -Lien-

« Yatrides has stuck forcefully with the basic principals of Graphic art as developed and defined in the years 1948-52. It has been with a great natural talent and a very particular inspiration from his Greek background combined with his un-remitting persistence n delving into and developing the possibilities of the Graphic school that Yatrides today finds himself increasingly distinguished from his fellows' artists. The importance of Yatrides in the art world is evident alone from the fact that over 300 of his works are now in US private Collections ». Greg JUAREZ, Director of Juarez Gallery in Palm Beach, Florida USA.

Christophe Odin     -Lien-

Ingénieur en physique électronique né à Lyon, cofondateur du comparateur de prix Kelkoo. Succès financier et entrepreneurial après avoir quitté la start-up grenobloise. Il choisit de partager son temps entre le conseil stratégique aux entreprises internet et l'investissement, via les Grenoble Angels, dans des sociétés comme "Made in design", "Starzik" ou "Drimki".« Autant faire profiter d'autres sociétés du fruit de la réussite », explique-t-il. C'est une manière de prolonger l'aventure sans être opérationnel. Mais pour lui, la réussite n'est pas une fin en soi. Il a ressenti le besoin de respirer, de ne plus s'occuper d'une entreprise, de prendre du recul ». Cet intermède ne dure qu'un temps chez cet homme qui a « l'esprit d'aventure ». Il rencontre un peintre qui a connu son heure de gloire avant les années 2000  « Georges YATRIDES ( ... )  au talent inclassable, a exposé dans les galeries de Chicago, a rencontré des maîtres comme Dali mais a également travaillé au CEA sur la lumière. Il est un scientifique à l'origine de plusieurs brevets internationaux.

Christophe ODIN travaille à la renaissance de la notoriété du peintre. Pour cela il active ses réseaux, comme le Réseau Entreprendre Isère où se trouvent ‘'des chefs d'entreprises férus d'art''. Mais point de grand écart entre les précédentes vies de Christophe ODIN et ce nouveau défi. « Le pic de la médiatisation de Georges YATRIDES a eu lieu avant l'ère internet. Je suis dans la création, je fais le lien entre le passé et le futur. »

Marquis de Masclary     -Lien-

Directeur de la Galerie Charpentier Faubourg saint honoré auquel il refusera l'exposition qui lui est proposée pour le printemps 1956. Yatridès est sans argent et n'en demande pas à De MASCLARY qui lui a fait comprendre que c'était déjà un grand privilège, un honneur d'être exposé dans ce temple de la peinture. Il reprend les tableaux déposés à la consigne de la galerie. Avec son ami Camille JAUBERT qui lui offre l'hospitalité dans son hôtel "Laffon" rue Buffault rue paisible du 9eme arrondissement, proche du siège du Parti Communiste.  Ils cherchent et trouvent la "Galerie Voyelles" 36 rue des Saints Pères à Montmartre où l'attend Madame CHASTENET de GERY avertie par un critique passionné. Yatridès expose dans cette galerie d'apparence modeste mais qui attirera les critiques, à la plume aiguisée dont "Bethancourt", "Chabanon", "Pierre Mornand" et aussi "Helios Ilo Trabujo", "Anton Urrutia". Un grand Collectionneur qui lui-même alertera Samuel-E. JOHNSON très grand marchand , Directeur des Internationales Galleries, Chicago.

Raymond Nacenta     -Lien-

Co-director of the Galerie Charpentier, today headquarters of Sotheby's France [1] -, based in Paris, 76, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

Bruno Roche     -Lien-

Fervent admirer of the work of YATRIDES, he presents in 2011 in North America sites "Yatrides Art", "Great Semioticians" "Great Historians", "Great Film Directors", "Great Contemporary Painter". Bruno ROCHE understood that YATRIDES expressed when he said humbly, "I am the tool of my work."

Ceux qui n'ont pas d'ailes
et ne peuvent s'élever


To oppose personally YATRIDES, Jean-Marc GUTTON Director of ADAGP (Society of Authors In the Graphics and Visual Arts), Mr GUTTON mixing contradictory formulas evasive turns clear texts of DALLOZ Property Code intellectual extending DALLOZ with the Civil Code, which could happen in this case. Thus he concludes that an idea can not be protected, which is well known but puzzling: this does not apply in the context of the work of YATRIDES, including its plate monolith that is not a fantasy idealized, but always has been, since 1951 (when the ADAGP did not exist), a concrete realization its own characteristics in themselves and in relation to other elements associated with it, in his paintings concerned.  Plate monolith is found in identical situations with 2001 a space odyssey (1968), perfect geometric shape in the works from 1951 to 1963. The plaque YATRIDES rectangular monolith YATRIDES, Engine argument, and key KUBRICK film is the cult object that determines at the outset of the film, the first link of successive sequences of the film and its conclusion last link joined the first in a loop, indecomposable. This rectangle monolith, today represents in geometry, a particular rectangle created by Georges YATRIDES. It happens to be the only existing prototype, single standard geometric shape, capable of reproducing itself by the mere projection of the diagonal, protected by the INPI, National Institute of Industrial Property.

TOC Nadine Michaudet

Our brief analysis of the No. 1 edition of TOC Nadine MICHAUDET Director, has allowed us to better understand this fragmentary text, undocumented, distorted which tends to prejudice.

However, this deliberately futile text seems to confirm the achtevement of a book, more substantial : Nadine MICHAUDET / TOC: "We started in a relationship based on trust. I want this to continue (...) For now you play the game (! ..) The publication of a book about you and showing all of your course. This book, we will do together, on the basis of interviews (...) ". Nadine Michaudet Monday, March 10, 2014. Having obeyed Lyon constituents, supposedly experts, Nadine MICHAUDET is facing the most extraordinary life, lived by a painter who was able to determine his own choices without any restrictions whatsoever.


Following a complaint by one of the injured victims, including Jean BLANC Lawyer which had been stolen the 5th painting of the list of doubtful works (see next paragraph), Thierry ERHMANN forgot to respond to the request made to him twice concerning its information errors. His silence was interpreted as a sign of contempt that determined the intervention of the Police (March 6, 2001), file instructed by the Judge LOISEAU of LYON City then by MARTIN and NORMAND Inspectors SRPJ (Federal Police) under mandate of DCPJ (Management Center Judicial Police). YATRIDES asked to terminate proceedings for concealment of information about harm to (441-1 Penal Code). This highlights the expression of René CHAR "YATRIDES the painter outside the tumult that has mastered the common time" quiet testimony of a undecomposable study done in 1975 in Isle sur la Sorgue;  C. GALI reveals it, in his Review "TALK Summer 1975 ".
Concealment practiced by a Professional in Information aggravates the offense and causes more severe judgments than those applied for a burglary the fence is as guilty as the perpetrator of the principal offense. Concealment committed after  the principal offense (...) is punishable either as an act of complicity (art. 62 of the Penal Code) or as successive separate offense. This always presupposes the existence of a previous principal act punishable by law. Concealment, continues to have a strong pejorative coefficient attributed by common sense.
Some recent judgments of the SUPREME COURT emphasized that the Jurisprudence concerning concealment, still continues to be very severe, particularly if it determines adverse consequences and other unforeseen situations.


Letter from Master Pierre BLACHE auctioneer, after receipt of letter of Jacques BOUSSAC that obscures the results of auctions of works YATRIDES, when significant, damaging to aggrieved buyers.

This is not fiction, it's lived.

Cher Monsieur,

"I can only confirm the terms of the telephone conversation I had with Mr. Jacques BOUSSAC, Director of the Gazette of the HOTEL DROUOT:" We will not speak of your auctions for YATRIDES painter because we would be in the obligation to speak ill of this artist.  the works of Georges YATRIDES are bought by several associations grouping amateurs which aims to distort the rating of a painter ... "

"I want to tell you that Mr. BOUSSAC authorized me, in the case of a reaction from you, to inform you of this conversation. Mr. BOUSSAC seems unaware of the Foundations and their leading role in the cultural and artistic life. So that you are reassured, I tell you that drawing "Movement memory" was bought by an expert - Accountant * and the lithograph "Death will be no more" was sold to a Merchant prints*. With such conditions information, so do not be surprised to see the International Art Market leave our borders to settle abroad "
"My splendid success of May 13 will have had, alas, intended to promote the shift to modern paintings of Mr. GERMANN in ZURICH. Regretting this situation, please accept, Sir, the assurances of my distinguished feelings. "

Maître Pierre BLACHE, Commissaire-Priseur, 18 juillet 1985
* Graphite 150,000 F (22,860 €)                                                                                                                                                                                   * Lithographie 35,000 F (5,335 €)

Note : Master GERMANN in Zurich, as well as other worldwide adjudicators until the 2000s, experienced the same situations coordinated by the principals of the Establishment; constituents who enrich themselves  with countless sales of minor decorative works, decided to oppose the work of YATRIDES by any means, including information handling.                                                                                                                                                                             


Mr. TOUBIANA does not seem to be aware of the significant events that built the cinematographic art. In July 2011 in PARIS when commemorating the cult film KUBRICK: 2001 a Space Odyssey, TOUBIANA exposing his retrospective omits YATRIDES rectangular slab monolithe , multi-axis of the film. This slab appears in his work since the early 50s. Without it , there is no film. This little world around Serge TOUBIANA is playing with nothing, they love this word, nothing.Nothing  major worries is to congratulate each other with nothing.

In 1956, Georges YATRIDES sign an exclusive contract with S-E. JOHNSON Director International Galleries, Chicago Ill. Most International Galleries distributed in the USA, included windows store that recalled those of Montmartre PARIS tribute to this place which symbolizes the art at that time. In these windows sstore, paintings of YATRIDES were exhibited. CLARKE entered several of these galleries. He rejects the pyramid of its initial scenario, reminiscent of Egypt and replaces the YATRIDES monolithe. "During the months that followed their meeting in 1964, Kubrick and Clarke conscientiously dissect the latest theories of science during their tours cinemas, art galleries (...)": signed by Piers BIZONI ("2001 THE FUTURE according KUBRICK":1984), Edition Aurum Press limited 25 Bradford Avenue, London WC AT1B3 ;  translated in CAHIERS du CINEMA by Olivier Gueret and Charles Jr. Tutum of the original English-language  . Piers BIZONI learns that YATRIDES exists, but can not react, his Magazine 168 pages is already printed, 168 pages devoted to the Kubrick film.
Controversy (wikipedia) has long hovered over the authorship of the famous monomlithe justifying and developing the movie 2001: a space odyssey, and key argument of all critical stages, until the last final scene where Bowman hero of the film, dies becomes a fetus carried by the monolith back to earth. The work of the painter George YATRIDES has since 1951 monolithes slabs having the characteristics and the same symbolism as that of 2001. Various publications which analyze this fact including Yatrides et son siècle l'anti Picasso  by Alexandre sacha Bourmeyster, famous semioician, university dean Grenoble III  and Yatridès Maître du temps d'Arthur Conte, Information Minister and CEO of ORTF first television stations, under the Presidency of Georges Pompidou President of the Fifth French Republic (1969-1974).
YATRIDES never claimed paternity rights, although several conferences organized by the SOCIETYof GRAPHIC ARTISTS have recognized that his monolith had the indisputable attributes of original works on the substance and form, manifested in its contacts with the hominid. This originality is confirmed by the characteristics of the rectangle YATRIDES ;  They define it as unique geometric model standard ; geometric shape, able to reproduce itself indefinitely by the projection of one of its elements (National Institute of Industrial Property, INPI filed Discovery 443581 and 512216). 

For the prestige of MGM was not tarnished, the work of YATRIDES would appear in the film credits.

YATRIDES following letter addressed to Serge TOUBIANA