Director Jacques Boussac

Letter from  Pierre BLACHE Lawer to Georges YATRIDES

Dear master,

I can only confirm the terms of the telephone conversation I had with Mr. BOUSSAC, Director of the Gazette of the HOTEL DROUOT : "We not talk about your auctions on YATRIDES painter, because we would be in the obligation to speak ill of this artist. "
"The works of Georges YATRIDES are purchased by associations grouping several amateurs which aims to distort the rating/value of a painter ..." I would like to inform you that Mr. BOUSSAC authorized me, in the case of a reaction on your part to inform you that telephone conversation. Mr. BOUSSAC seems to ignore the existence of the Foundations and their leading role in the cultural and artistic life. So you do not worry, be reassured, I indicates to you that drawing "Movement of a Memory" was purchased by an Expert - Accountant * and the lithograph "And death shall be no more" was auctioned to an art dealer  merchant of prints * . With information such conditions, it is not surprising to see the International Art Market leave our borders to settle abroad. My Splendid success of May 13 will have been designed to promote, alas,  the sessions of GERMANN Auctions in ZURICH. Regretting this situation, please accept, Sir, the assurances of my best regards, distinguished sentiments ".
Master Pierre BLACHE, auctioneer, 18 July 1985
* Graphite 150,000 F  (€22,860)
* Lithography 35,000 F  (€5,335)

In correlation with this paradoxical behavior of BOUSSAC deleterious actions, against YATRIDES which it does not record significant sales, paradoxical behaviour for an official directory of sales or considered as such - actions to dismiss excluding Yatridès - followed detrimental  actions affiliated organizations and indirectly supported questionable actions in other fields than art.


"Art lovers will be delighted to learn that, as the Florentine fifteenth, the twentieth century French * finally has its own genius. "The situation of  YATRIDES is paradoxical" says  *in  the leaflet accompanying the presentation of his works ,(...) Mr. BOURMEYSTER, professor at the University of Grenoble III who is sort of the hagiographer of YATRIDES, provides us the explanation in his book "YATRIDES and CENTURY, Anti-PICASSO the metaphysical ambition to master time by a pictorial art that transcends human possibilities, similar to a divine act" . Well, that's simple.      
Signed: Schurr Editor of "Guidargus" 1984 publication that date is 1 year of existence; Schurr Affiliated very close to Jacques Boussac Director of the Gazette of the Hotel Drouot.


Français (French): Franco-American born in France, descended from parents born in the USA. Greek blood. To our understanding, citizen of our planet he traveled. He often chose France he loved as a studio of his genius, which can only be an honor for our nation that believes and loves as much as the US
Brochure (leaflet): In fact, 100-page catalog with more than 70 reproductions majority polychrome, exhibition and catalog supported in this case by the City that exposed his works. This has been the case - in exclusive contract with SE JOHNSON - for all its shows in the US Latin America, 1955-1972, same for all major events in Canada and Europe, particularly in France, during which he was great master and guest master main guest, and often in Solo exhibition

In this  new publication GUIDARGUS, published in 1980, Mr. Gérald SCHURR prints his recent 'Critique' talent and awkwardly expressed the admiration he feels for YATRIDÈS. This, in ignorance of his esteemed elders, without their advice and guidance, who, 27 years before the sudden appearance of the GUIDARGUS, were passionate by the work of YATRIDÈS. In 1959, after exceptional monographic exhibitions and including events of schools of painting in which YATRIDÈS paintings are in exergue , demonstrations that followed that of the "Musée de l'Orangerie" by the American Embassy in Paris,  ("From Clouet to Matisse"- "French drawings in American private Collections"winter 1958-1959).  Samuel E. JOHNSON puts his paintings at the forefront of the preeminent private Collections in the United States,  Canada, Latin America, of Great Britain, of Switzerland..
We quote some of these International Events, exhibited works lent by the world's largest Private Collections, including those YATRIDES, Mr. Schurr confused with group exhibitions:

Gerald SCHURR in writing addressing Alexandre BOURMEYSTER 

"Excess in praise of the painter (...) And all the outrageously laudatory literature can only amaze the art critic and attract more or less violent reactions. That said I have absolutely no desire to interfere with the painter. I too respect painting, (...) to get the idea to thwart an artistic career. Signed "Gérald Shurr" 
Note Mr Schurr think that the work of YATRIDES was born with Guidargus in 1983. Also, showing all the signs of greatness - "it does not thwart an artistic career" (sic) - but on condition of have his approval. Our Critic apprentice does not know that the work of YATRIDES began in 1945 when he was 14. For Guidargus born in 1983 twenty seven (27) preceded 27 years of darkness which he is not out yet .: The work of YATRIDES proved by the best in 1956. Parisians Reviews Moreover, by Jean Leymarie Director of the French national heritage, by Georges ARNONE and René Huyghe Curator of the Museum of THE LOUVRE  in 1983 and 1989.

Ce que l'on retient du débat SHURR / BOUGMEYSTER

 The only sale to which BOUSSAC, obeying the establishment to isolate Yatridès of the art market from 1983, refers to that which was held on 12 December 1983 for the benefit of underprivileged children of communist Poland. The sale was made at the Meridien hotel by the Ministry of Pierre CORNETTE SAINT-CYR. The painting "New Rolls" was offered by Lady Gweneth.VIDLER- DULLES (FOSTER DULLES sister in law)) MBE Member (Member Bristish Empire highest distinction) Member PHILIPS COLLECTION FOUNDATION and owner of the painting. Three buyers, not belonging to any Foundation, were present to acquire the canvas of YATRIDES.
The painting zero-rated by Jacques DELORS, President of the Eighth European Commission, painting sold 800,000 F (€ 122,000) entirely used for the purchase and shipment of Medicines in Poland. Three buyers wanted to buy this painting:

  •  Jacques DECHAVANNES  for $ 400,000F (Check: "Crédit Mutuel"), which was served on Cornette de Saint-Cyr.
  •  Two other buyers presented themselves: Jacques FUZET for 200,000F (Check: "Crédit Agricole") and Christian BERTHET for the same amount (Check: "Lyonnaise de Banque Company")

DECHAVANNES, although a buyer favorite, agreed that FUZET and BERTHET merge with him so that the sale corresponds to an honorable action for Poland. Thereafter Jacques DECHAVANNES negotiated the acquisition in full of the painting "The New Rolls" which thus became his sole possession.

Sales broadcast on Antenne 2 by Daniel BILALIAN, in the Journal of 20 hours.

A second donation was made, for the delivery of a larger medical convoy. Order not to be tainted by BOUSSAC Group, sales of this second YATRIDES for Poland, was realized at the Chamber of Commerce Franco-British. As different donations by YATRIDES for other needy countries, all sums acquired were used for the benefit of Poland. A high definition scanner and other expensive materials were thus sent to KATOWICE, an important industrial center whose Sanitary Services were totally devoid of modern amenities. Several convoys furnished them what they lacked in recent efficient medical equipment


The BOUSSAC behavior associated with those of his collaborators, obedient to their Principals, driven by the fear of losing the security privileges that they have established, only anxious to minimize the interest aroused by the work of YATRIDES "which stood out, unmasked graphics infancy,  called "contemporary" those that enriched them. Jacques Boussacby his behavior, caused and maintained passions that could only hurt him personally, although YATRIDES has often defended his name, like wanting to preserve the authenticity of all living areas through artistic creation. For   challenge?  Altruism   or  Sophism? We think for our part, primarily by excessive confidence and moreover constantly willing to sublimate the "human soul". In many cases, he had to pay the price and yet persist. Rene CHAR great late poet, independent of influence, had described with these words that will remain "YATRIDES painter outside the tumult having mastered the uncommon times" (L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, 2 July 1975).

Second misconduct of "The Gazette of DROUOT HOTEL"
Regarding public OPINION of the "GUIDE MAYER" 1996, about YATRIDES "La Gazette HOTEL DROUOT", highlights the characteristics: "Useless and suspect that it is always possible to file to the locker room at the glory of the painter Georges YATRIDES, of Greco-American origin ". Signed: MM. Didier Yves GAIRAUD ROMAND and 1996, Mr. Jacques Boussac principal.

Answer of International Catalogue "MAYER"

"to whom it may concern"  mainly Gazette.
Legal Press Release of Acatos Editions - MAYER Guide
Hereby attest that the ACATOS Editions text on Georges MAYER Guide YATRIDES in 1996, is not an advertising insertion but only a NOTICE that the artist asked us to edit. It is therefore a right of communication that we gave to this artist because MAYER Guide is also a means of communication, while maintaining its neutrality, gives a right to speak in all professional categories from the world of Art. Our mission is objectivity, relevant text consists of a summary, extracted from explicit documents held by Acatos Editions and MAYER Guide. Thus, in order not to undermine the integrity of this great artist, we have given him our written intervention free. 
Acatos Editions

Lausanne - Paris, 18 June 1996

Among the documents saved in Guide Mayer
extracts from the Directorate General of Taxation of the French State:

  • - Confusion between water monochrome paintings camaieux or "two couleurss" and Painting / Oil
  • - Confusion between water and tempera paints / Oil
  • - Confusion between prints and drawings / Ink
  • - Confusion between soft prints (soft-gray) and Graphite Drawings-
  • - Confusion between poly reproductions chromic off-set and Lithographs
  • - Confusion between off-set and four-color prints (Printed from metal or wood engraving, lithography or support)

Maintained by dubious auctions these "confusion", associated with shadowing YATRIDÈS important sales, allow a group of individuals to highlight the direction that it prints to the "art market", at the expense of modest collectors not advised. These "operations" are printed in some guides including "GUIDARGUS" of Gérald SCHURR-supported by the Hôtel Drouot of Jacques BOUSSAC, now deceased Schurr Gazette) and "Side of ART" (A.D. AKOUN) which since has detached from the group.

Guide MAYER - authenticity of GY works


Whimsical prices from the auction of these "objects" without guaranty, claim to act as ratings and abuse naive collectors who sometimes divest some works of value to acquire "objects" worthless. Authentic works of YATRIDES are protected by a '' specific certificate '' consisting of a double paperboard of four pages in one piece with the cover polychrome reproduction (minimum four colors). In the second page, YATRIDES signatures and Jacques MOURLOT great lithograph of Paris, as well as their " awl-impression" which are found on the respective lithography itself; the third page of the certificate describes the specificities of original print dimensions and in fourth page/back cover, description of the image by a famous author (Copyright) plus two distinct features in case of further verification. In 2012, some lithographs were acquired at 15,000 €.

What reassures savvy collectors is that YATRIDES has made about (160) Water Painting which are the subject of imitations and counterfeits and around four hundred (400) Oils Paintings; very distinct characteristics that make it impossible to develop fake and/or copies having those characteristics: His research has discovered unknown properties of light and how to apply it, artistically, on a flat surface (See "" in "His life": "His entourage" Paul PERROUD, Director of Special Applications Offices of CEA-CENG French). Can be added over 330 special works called "Hyalotronic" YATRIDES trademark. This last period reveals  the power of the YATRIDES work, an independent light of incomparable density; and incorruptible graphics found intact, regardless amalgam overlay its 8 different periods in of 70 years of his creations; the graphics
accuracy is never lost.

It is worth pointing out that the texts of MAYER Guide consist of excerpts professional life YATRIDES, of two "Detailed Tax Verification of overall situation" (VASFE 1981-1985/2008) and a Professional Biography established by the tax authorities, by order of the General Tax Directorate. Conclusion: "Yatridès is in the line of the great masters. It is the quality: at the top, and the message proclaimed. Forward of pictorial creation of our time "signed: Jean-Claude CAVAILLE Chief Inspector, State Department

On the biography of YATRIDES determined by the Directorate General of Taxation, attribute to this rigid organization, the terms "USELESS AND SUSPECT" (Sic "GAZETTE HOTEL DROUOT" that did not quite understand the subject) seems abusive, unwise, if not foolhardy. YATRIDES (American Greek blood) and Chagall (Russian born) only had formally recognized Professional Biographies integrity established by the competent services of TAX ADMINISTRATION whose powers, duties, comprise neither dilettantism and no fancy oriented media or promotional affection of any kind.

All the texts concerning the work and YATRIDES of life, do not come from any organization or "well placed gallery owner" of any kind, but of authentic documents, press, original etc.

Messrs. SCHURR (deceased), Didier Yves ROMAND GAIRAUD, J.-AKOUN Who Had the principal Sami Jacques BOUSSAC. Himself to eavesdropping of the establishment of benevolence, forgotten-have The Meaning of Guidargus (ARGUS: ARGOS fabulous character of ancient Greece Who HAD 100 qui eyes open while sleeping Remained 50). Poor ARGUS killed by HERMES who cast its eyes on the tail of the peacock. "The Peacock Cries-screeches and yells '': '' adorns its feathers to avail usurped Merits" (sic). Signed Larousse, 2010.