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Le grand peintre contemporain Georges Yatridès

que les commettants de l'establishment français ont tenté d'évincer par diverses manipulations,
est toujours vivant et continue de créer ".  Bruno Roche, marchand Amérique du Nord

 grand peintre contemporain Georges Yatridès

The great contemporary painter George Yatrides,
that  principals constituents of the French establishment tried to oust through various manipulations,
is still alive and continues to create
  Bruno Roche, merchant North America

I can only confirm the terms of the telephone conversation I had with Mr. BOUSSAC, Director of the GAZETTE of the HOTEL DROUOT:
"We will not talk about your auctions on painter Georges Yatrides because we would be obliged to say anything bad about this artist. The works
of  George YATRIDES are purchased by associations grouping several fans which aims to distort the odds of a painter ... " Jacques BOUSSAC
YatridesArts.com restores the truth due to confusion about its rating and misinformation that befell Yatrides. 
[...] Mr. BOUSSAC seems to ignore the existence of the Foundations and their leading role in the cultural and artistic life.
[...] With such conditions information, so do not be surprised to see the International Art Market
leave our borders to settle abroad. 

Signed Maître Pierre BLACHE  Auctioner, Commissaire Priseur, 18 July 1985

Note:  Anyway, these are prominent Collectors who made the most important  purchases for Yatrides' oils paintings and concerning  drawings

and lithographs, they are Art dealers who have acquired.