Harmful actions motivated 
by alleged experts


Involuntary journalistic drift

OBSESSIONAL COMPULSIVE disorders (cultural: TOCc)

Collection of journalistic fervor

Upon receipt of the No. 1 TOC of Nadege MICHAUDET Edition, YATRIDES Master's reflections, non aggressive thoughts, allowed us to better understand this fragmentary text, undocumented, distorted which tends to prejudice.

However this deliberately futile text seems to confirm a more substantial follow-up according to Nadege MICHAUDET /TOC on Monday, March 10, 2014 mail: "we started in a relationship based on trust. I want this continues, to keep it that way ( ... ) Now, for you to play the game ( ... ) the publication of a book about you and showing all of your record. This book, we will do together, on the basis of interviews ( ... )". (sic: see above left, full text). 

Text promised to come, the preamble could take into account Jean LEYMARIE Professor of Greek, eminent art historian, Professor at the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne, Director of Studies at the Ecole du Louvre to the Pompidou Museum, successor Balthus to Villa MEDICI Rome . In 1950 at age 31 he was appointed Curator of the Museum of Grenoble. Louis Pannier Consul of France second Father YATRIDES, introduced him to Jean LEYMARIE who be friends this young man of 19 old (from "Yatridès master of time" for  Arthur CONTE, Historian , CEO of ORTF 1962 President of the Assembly of the Western European ). He will analyze the painting of his early teens, Fauvist style above the so-called Abstract, dating from 1945 to 1948 ;  in 1945 Yatrides is 14 years old. Concerning colors, LEYMARIE refers to SOUTINE. It follows YATRIDES for 5 years. During this period, uncompromising, he penetrates the different schools and returns to the source, where the human body becomes a decorative object invented by MATISSE : Experience leading to decorative absurdities forms without content, which end up on the wallpaper cheap tapestries. It goes from there to explore areas that his scientific research can not reveal.. This leads him to create a world without referent in the known world, very definition of the abstract. But paradoxically, thanks to the mastery of his art, he made to penetrate the man who dominates this unknown world. It is YATRIDES himself who moves in his paintings. Thus is attributed to his work alone, the term "Apodictic". The TOC edition reveals how Nadege Michaudet its Director  is evolving  in the narrow margins of the Lyon establishment. To satisfy this established order, she  interprets and/or obscures historical facts of YATRIDES biography; nevertheless she is unable to erase what can not be.

The greatest filmmakers c onsidere his work. iIn  1983 offered him and insist achieve feature film about his life, including Marcel Carné   or Jean Delannoy. Newer Brendan Turrill  and Miles Millar  wrote their passion for his work. « The work of YATRIDES is staggering and legitimately deserves the position it should take in our collective history, he is a true craftsman of the intangible (...) The body of his work is not only aesthetically but ethereal in his innate ability to harness the metaphysical aspects of our nature. It is the apotheosis of a Master in terms of artistry and technique evokes the virtuosity of ERNST, DALI, CHAGALL. It is the absolute in its incessant redefinition of the structure and development of contemporary art and a gift to all of us  ». Miles MILLAR, February 17, 2009 letter to Ingrid SCHULTE .

The major events of Art, the Salons,  request it:  René Huyghe, will not be able participate in the Committee of the XIII M,ontmorency Salon 13-27 November 1983 in which YATRIDES is the Guest of Honour. Attracted by the fame of his work, agitation it causes, contempt and fascination concerted, occultations of its sales, René Huyghe will go in the eighteenth Montmorency Show 14-29 January 1989, where he can finally close look at the paintings of YATRIDES we were talking about him, especially Jean LEYMARIE :  « YATRIDES, its contraction of Time, thanks to a systemic mind ».  René HUYGHE stops long moment to contemplate  2 oils of the Master :  "Nude on a horizon" and "The completion of the cosmic laws". In his inaugural lecture, about the human adventure, whose willingness is to participate in the  unfathomable workings of the universe,  up to try to control it. His capabilities to rimagine himself: in the univers, he professes :   « George YATRIDES work is the only one that attracts and  retains attention. The content and form are bound by an unparalleled technique (.. .)  Another graphical mode. It lends itself to an amazing synthesis of the Painting. There is something else that should be deepened  ».  Montmorency, January 1989, René Huyghe curator of the LOUVRE Museum . This reminds  Samuel E. JOHNSON, Director International Galleries, Chicago (1959) thirty years before: (...) It is not easy to classify art Georges YATRIDES unique painter, an absolute individuality (...) Excerpt of WHO'S WHO in International Art / 1987-1988). All who were able to approach him, loved his job or not, he would distant, suspicious and taciturn. " He denies the poor, the intention in performing it as fiercely rejects the ridiculous, his subjects are not chosen at the whim of the day or the plaything of fashion does not play.. It wants. And what does he want? he wants the human adventure. in each painting he intends enclose the entire epic of man ".  ( Arthur CONTE ). The greatest filmmakers are not mistaken who used his work including  Arthur C. CLARKE and  Stanley KUBRICK or  Lars Von TRIER in their worship creation. "YATRIDES, thanks to the mastery of his pictorial and graphic art,  manages to set a global dimension of time, from the origins of matter and of man, to the borders of Eternity " Clifford A.BOHER extract from Arthur CONTE  "Yatridès master of time" 1992. 



From a journalistic innocent rash; eg:  "is not his age," "rather small", "handsome style", "teacup", "ass" (that of the journalist ). We're talking about a 83 year old painter who gets correlative US patents for his research at the CEA ( French Energy Commission) on new properties of light which changes several concepts established on its intrinsic speed and those of space related to time.

Straight out the TOC text, important events in bold
The Most -  As expensive as PICASSO
Least :  Collapse of his notation. But  forgetting AKOUN largest directory of the painters rating which increases YATRIDES notation 250% in 2013 and 358% in 2014.

The most 2Awesome Genius :   WHO'S WHO in International Art,  Fiscal appraisal of the French Administration, Samuel-E. JOHNSON, and more
least 2 Megalo (more than DALI). But  forgetting the proposed features of the great film directors that YATRIDES can not accept, refusing the constraints imposed by producers. Forgetting the biography issued by the French government, the 6 dictionaries about its life,  Arthur CONTE  President of the Assembly of the Western Europe (1963), Historians. Non exhaustive listing.

The initial argument of this painter's portrait is that there are artistic experts?
The best -  They are hidden in Rhône-Alpes,  hence their radiance sprung from behind the beautiful mountains of Dauphine, "radiation" that illuminates the world ?  The TOC edition reveals how Nadege Michaudet its Director  is evolving that she is moving in the narrow margins of the Lyon establishment and shall interprets and/or obscures historical facts of YATRIDES biography, nevertheless unable to erase what can not be.

The best 2 -  These patented experts in the shadow of the mountainous Dauphiné, forget knowingly  the French School of Press Officers of  LYON City, Founding Director Denis HUISMAN:  " Public relations and Service Technical Communication of Painting: Georges YATRIDES " 407 pages. « The agreement that you have wanted to make for sponsoring this study honors the School  »  Signed: Jean-Jacques GENY Director  1983 (see  "EXHIBITIONS" in this site).

The best 3 - It is so easy to forget : Peter TARNOFF US President in Europe for scientific development (Geneva) US State Department Director, Office of Research & Analysis, Western Europe1975-1976 - USA Government, President Council on Foreign Relations 1986-1993- etc.)  YATRIDES devoted friend, he asks RTL (Radio Television Luxembourg) to move to Paris. Vehicles and trailers/RTL cameras invade the “rue de Verneuil”, the street in which lives Alain DELON, to film the works of YATRIDES exhibited in the art gallery of Jean Charles LIGNEL, director of the daily "Progres de Lyon".  RTL blocks for 35 minutes the "rue de Verneuil". YATRIDES had accepted this exhibition,  initiatated by Peter TARNOFF, although LIGNEL personality is opposed to his conceptions. By the end of this exhibition, he will break the contract of Jean-Charles LIGNEL. He could not agree with the character of LIGNEL.

Are also left behind the distinguished experts such as Jean LEYMARIE, René HUYGHE, cited in the previous paragraph, added to MAYER Guide,  WHO'S WHO in International Art, and the YATRDES Biography oestablished by  the French state, which is unusual, at the very least,  for an American born in France. Non-exhaustive listing,  in close correlation with YATRIDES existence.

These patented experts are similar to other experts who have not seen VAN GOGH, GAUGUIN by enumerating few. Other such specialists are related to the financial establishment and associate with attempts to eclipse the results of significant sales from those that thwart their programs including those of YATRIDES, to obscure the more important during  years (Jacques BOUSSAC Gazette of the Hotel Drouot) to join the 'professionalism' of some other specialists (Thierry Ehrmann, Artprice) their behavior in relation to the work of YATRIDES has harmed small collectors and pushed important Private Collections to effect their transactions in CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, notably FRANCO-BRITISH, which validate their trade without depending on auctions, auctions sometimes obscure or doubtful, if not false;  Not registered  and untaxed by the fiscal tax Authorities, that is rare. They are therefore not actual sales. Examples are known, spectacular, but ignored by the media.


The Judicial Police recorded 124 fake paintings YATRIDES, passed on  OCBC (Central Office of Fraud on Cultural Heritage) copies, manipulation of titles, sizes, their physical characteristics. which is supplemented by one twenty today. Many of them run into the auction rooms.
Despite the attempts of subjugation suffered by YATRIDES since the 80s, omissions of significant sales of his works by Jacques BOUSSAC, CEO Gazette of the Hôtel Drouot and affiliates, handled by principals whose actions are perpetuated in the press , pushed YATRIDES to isolate himself to continue his research, far from the hustle and malpractices aroused by its paintings, against his work.
This concealment of his work has allowed other artists to use shamelessly multiple facets of his creations, including Arthur C. Clarke whose script is accepted by KUBRICK for his film 2001: a space odyssey. Until Jean-Marc GUTTON Director ADAGP who refused to defend the work of YATRIDES, unquestionably plagiarized. GUTTON, official advocate for intellectual rights, acknowledges. But he does it in an inconsistent mail that solves nothing. YATRIDES not only claimed his right; the fruit of his work appears at least in the film credits, the monolith being cult object feature film and key to its various sequences. Followed other "artists" as Lars Von TRIER for "Melancholia", not isolated cases  (see "Yatridès Periods"). YATRIDES never reacted otherwise than by gentleness by forgiving those who used his work. In Indeed, they were just trying to understand the particular image and the time of the events recorded in his paintings dominated by a specific light. What they could not understand taking only the form and not substance. Jacques VERGES was the 'dreaded lawyer for George YATRIDES in "Yatridès and his century." YATRIDES has often been tempted to let him speak, as well other lawyers of the organization, but some fortuitous events helped him not convinced. "Yatridès and his century" recognized organization comprised of Senior Officials, initially by the French government to verify the State fiscal tax situation  of YATRIDES, American born in France. Its integrity convinced the Senior Official to create “Yatrides and his century”.



Did not exist if not to recognize sometimes a false comparison to a true, notably in painting, when they do not mislead. By contrast are forgotten cited above - real connoisseurs and critics such as CHABANON, BETHANCOURT, Pierre MORNAND, Helio Ilo TRABUJO, Anton URRUTIA - who discovered YATRIDES in 1956 (Yatrides.org), whose enthusiastic articles cause savvy collectors and art galleries to invest including major merchants in paintings as Armand DROUANT, NACENTA and  DE MASCLARY, Gregory JUAREZ, Samuel-E. JOHNSON contracts until 1972 date at which YATRIDES released himself and resumed his own research at the CEA, French atomic energy commission, where he discovers, in particular, new properties of light; Patent it are issued, all claims granted by the PATENT OFFICE, Washington DC, USA. Subsequently, among others, Jean LEYMARIE historian, Director of studies at the Ecole du LOUVRE at the Centre POMPIDOU, Director of the Academy of France in Rome. René HUYGHE psychologist and philosopher of art, Professor at the Collège de France in Rome and academician, curator of the Musée du LOUVRE.

To reassure those who are anxious, the listed Yatrides value increases by 250% in 2013 and 358% in February 2014, defined by AKOUN, important directory of the quoted value of painters. But this base value can not relate what was obscured by the establishment. In addition, this base value does not take into account sales in the Chambers of Commerce by passionate preeminent Private Collections, of which the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE FRANCO-BRITISH, in lieu of actual attestation about tax returns of transactions, signing a form of authenticity,  that can not claim number of auctions.

Ultimately, we can approve this :  « When one rises, it seems small to those who can not fly and disappear of their understanding  » (sic George YATRIDES). The allegory of Richard Bach in 1970 highlights this fact with "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" the rebellious seagull isolated but master of his freedom to search for the absolute.