Le Louvre

Vente pour la Pologne 12 décembre 1983 Paris

Speech of which the manifesto of Arthur CONTE, that of André REIDBERGER Governor of the international Rotary.
René HUYGHE is detained 
; He later came to the XVIIIth Salon de Montmorency to meet Georges YATRIDES whom he considered the only contemporary painter who stands out, differs from others, which he underlined during his Speech of Inaugration of the Salon. But YATRIDES will not be present.


Two paintings by YATRIDES take part in the 18th Salon de Montmorency, organized by Georges ARNONE in 1989, after being the guest of honor in 1978 and then in 1981 at the XIth Salon. A remarkable monographic exhibition of his works at the XIIIth Salon in 1983. Invited by his friend Georges ARNONE, René HUYGHE Conservateur du Musée du LOUVRE, prevented twice from being able to meet YATRIDES, inaugurates this XVIIIth Salon.
During his inauguration speech, René HUYGHE said: "Georges ARNONE has observed and defined this contraction of time, this light in YATRIDES Jean LEYMARIE was interested in this new adventure of painting. Form is linked by an unparalleled technique, another graphic mode that lends itself to a synthesis of painting. "There is something else that should be deepened." René HUYGHE Member of the French Academy, Curator of the LOUVRE Museum * The substance and form are linked by an unparalleled technique. To a synthesis of painting. There is something else that should be deepened. " René HUYGHE Member of the French Academy, Curator of the LOUVRE Museum.*

YATRIDES regrettera de  n'avait pu se déplacer pour mieux connaître l'éminent psychologue et philosophe de l’art, professeur au Collège de France.

.* Synoptic biography: René Huygue at 31 Head of the Musée du Louvre Consevateur en chef du Musée du Louvre.  During the Second World War, he saved the paintings of the Louvre. He chairs the UNESCO International Commission of Experts for the Safeguarding of Venice and the Artistic Council of the Museums of France. In 1950, he was elected to the Collège de France and occupied the chair of psychology of the plastic arts. He is one of the first to make films on art, including a "Rubens" awarded at the Venice Biennale. He founded the International Art Film Federation.