Speech of which the manifesto of Arthur CONTE, that of André REIDBERGER Governor of the international Rotary.
René HUYGHE is detained in a trip. He later came to the XVIIIth Salon de Montmorency to meet Georges YATRIDES whom he considered the only contemporary painter who distinguished himself from the others, but this one could not be present.

In a world where ethics and decency are no longer the qualities of a state of law, its deviations are manifested freely in the imaginative impulses of man, including those known as contemporary art. Some suspect a world given to the manipulators of a flourishing market, that of a mediatization intended to raise the potential of buyers to whom will be supplied works of art known as "nowadays".  This requires a large number of items available to a large number of potential buyers created by the media. They must find worthwhile artists to subtract some pieces of their talent, quickly executed pieces, enough to offset the investment of their sellers. To start the pump, several partners, during auctions, artificially raise the price of these art crumbs. Abused, collectors naive or not, will subsequently buy the works that will be on the market, not knowing that their value is corrupted. In case of necessity, most of them can never resell these objects at the price they paid them. When this market begins to weaken, the same possibilities will be sought elsewhere in exotic countries. 
Not having the means to reject  these suspicions, it is all the more difficult to believe them and thus to feed an atmosphere unfavorable to authentic creators, who have always refused to let themselves be manipulated to satisfy a "market" that would become inevitably derisory.


opposite to the object in a non-existent world

Jean LEYMARIE; Director of the National Museum of Modern Art (1968-1973), Director of Studies at the School of LOUVRE and finally Director of the Academy of France in Rome (1978). In 1951, Louis PANIER Consul of France, second father of George, asked Jean LEYMARIE to check whether his painting was at the height of its provisions in science. YATRIDES is 19 and shows his first paintings, Abstract and Fauvist periods of 1945-1948. LEYMARIE evaluates the colors of the first of these two periods "in the tradition of SOUTINE." During the years of his duties at the Museum 1950-1956 he observes and follows the evolution of his work. The challenge posed for YATRIDES is finding that successive painting schools could not conceive. From there, find another way.Find a different route, which would include the synthesis of the work already done by the "others", subjected to their merchants and reveal another dimensionwhich encompasses, and merges the past and the future. Time mastering. LEYMARIE not preclude chimerical project. YATRIDES begin to realize after its completed research at CEA 15 years later in 1972, the light emitted by an incandescent solid body and its extensions in many disciplines. He artistically extrapolates some elements of what he found on the variations of the speed of light, the consequences on the evaluation of time and space, the space-time. His mastery of the material allows him to apply these elements on the available space of a flat surface, a painting, to express the human adventure. In the presence of Georges and Claude ARNONE René Huyghe said in his speech :   « Georges ARNONE observed and defined the contraction of the time this light at YATRIDES. Jean Leymarie was interested in this new adventure of painting. I note that the content and form are bound by an unparalleled technique. Another graphical mode which lends itself to a synthesis of painting. There is another thing that should be deepened. »  René HUYGHE, Montmorency, (January 1989).

The classics presented historical scenes, romantic, legendary, mythological, etc. according to the themes of various literary movements.
Those who initially refused this path, quite rightly, were gradually brought to represent man as an object, leading to the single object in an uninhabitable world that can not be represented otherwise than by evasive Pseudo pictographic signs. Yatrides opens a different way, the human adventure, in the past, in the future, and this,  in a world without any known referent, definition of the abstract. After his first steps in the Fauvist school, followed by the abstract school, he decided to return in the footsteps of all previous schools, to choose the path of man in search of its finality. Chimerical project YATRIDES that sometimes achieves. 

The work of Yatridès offers us a fascinating world


Cosmic living Bread
Oil on canvas - 81x100 cm - 1978

The working YATRIDES attracts other creators

WHY  ?

In his work, YATRIDES living his adventure, he is in his painting. Adventure taken by the creators of other artistic disciplines, however close of pictorial art,  such as YATRIDES treated with its own tools: time, space, light, in background. Especially in cinematographic art. His work has served to Stanley KUBRICK and Lars von TRIER.

Thus demonstration is made of little interest, as would be the use of the stigmas of an so called abstract art, to participate in the development of a successful work in which humans evolve and survive.

Other great filmmakers wanted to make feature films on the biography of YATRIDES


The passion of the great directors
for the work of YATRIDES

Marcel CARNE
Famous French Film-maker offered a feature film with great actors. "Paul QUNITARD" impresario :  "My Dear George, I ask you to tell me when you can (...) work with Henri François REY dialogue writer (Mechanical Piano ... The masked Horses ... etc ...) to a prestigious film about the world, the environment of painting around the life Yatridès, the man and his work, film directed by Marcel CARNE. Let us recall that at the Elysee Palace, there a few weeks ago, the President of the Republic François MITTERAND handed him the Commander's Cross of the Legion of Honour and declared before all the assembled personalities. "... Marcel CARNE greatest French film of all time" (...) "It is undeniable that the film is expected to be international destiny (...) grouping several stars including Anthony QUINN in the role of YATRIDES Father Fernando Casado ARAMBILLET says Fernando REY etc. "(Jacques Quintard January 14, 1986). YATRIDES in his situation, has the obligation not to respond favorably. His work is not in its place in the film quality proposed by Marcel CARNE and Jacques QUINTARD, as investors / producers wanted to correct it.


Famous director and close friend of YATRIDES « The more I consider the exceptional quality of your paint, the more I am convinced that this can result in a beautiful movie based on both the originality of your work and elements your own life. So I decided to undertake this film that will be for me as the consecration of my long career » Jean DELANNOY, October 24, 1987.

 « Dear George I hope this official letter (...) without throwing any veil on the sincerity of my intentions and deep joy I feel to find the subject of a great story about your work and yourself ... Each new day at your touch, in the middle of bewitchment of your paintings and mixed to your essential research, always brings me more joy and enthusiasm (...). Bon voyage dear George, in the Land of the Rising Sun. My Dusk gets a new dawn  ». Jean DELANNOY, 19 november 1987. Faced "intolerable manipulation of financial partners" (sic Yatridès), despite the profound esteem he has for Jean Delannoy, it will not accept the feature hoped by this great filmmaker passionate friend will offer him several times. His position towards bankers concerned, remained unchanged.


Its realizations : Original screeplays : "The Mikako conflict", "Sarah 88", "Paris Rising" – Adapted screeplays : "Deathwatch", "Gamble Lucky", "Norvegian Wood". With his partner Al GOUGH are prolific writers/producers. Their feature credits include the action-adventure “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor“, for director Rob COHEN, the hit action-comedy "Shanghai Noon", starring Jackie CHAN, Owen WILSON and Lucy LIU, as well as its sequel "Shanghai Knights", directed by David DOBKIN "Spider-Man 2", starring Toby MAGUIRE, "Herbie: Fully Loaded", starring Lindsay LOHAN,  "Lethal Weapon 4" starring Mel GIBSON and Danny GLOVER and the recent "I Am Number Four", produced by Michael BAY . MILLAR and GOUGH's work also spans the world of television; the duo created and served as executive producers of the critically acclaimed action-adventure series "Smallville". It is the longest-running comic book-based television series of all time, and was the No. 1 show in the history of the WB Television Network. They produced “Hannah Montana“:  The Movie, based on the smash hit DISNEY Channel Series, starring teen phenom Miley CYRUS.  The feature marked the first for the duo's Walt DISNEY-based Production Company, MILLAR GOUGH Ink.

While Miles Millar finished his last program in progress, one that suited the Producers for the biography of YATRIDES, did not correspond to the history of its existence and more YATRIDES could not toe the line in a fashion that scattered bits signs of so-called "contemporary art". Yatridès had already experienced similar situations with producer of Marcel Carné and Jean Delannoy movies. Its position remained unchanged.

« The power of YATRIDES' vision is everlasting and I would want to see a film on the subject given its proper due  ( ... )  He is an absolute in the incessant redefining and evolving anatomy of contemporary art  ( ... )  It was humbling to immerge myself in such transcendent imagery and substance. Georges YATRIDES work is awe-inspiring and rightfully deserves the position it will take in our collective history, he is a true craftsman of the intangible. ( ... ) I sincerely thank you for considering me such a remarkable endeavour  ». Miles MILLAR Los Angeles 2009. 

Which was a problem for YATRIDES was the script that suited the financial producers, but did not fit in depth for the history of its existence, no longer the choice of actors. This pojet began to take shape while Miles Millar finished his current movie; YATRIDES could not discuss with him the script he rejected,  imposed by for bankers, financial partners. He abandoned the project.


« After doing research and reading the book "YATRIDES the Master of Time",  I instantly fell in love with YATRIDES' body of work. His painting fascinates me on both a visceral and intellectual level. I was somewhat surprised, however, to discover that he has not reached the height of his fame in his own country, France ( … )  he has just as unique and individual of a voice as DALI or PICASSO had in their time. Why ?  I think perhaps this is a question the film could probe. I'd like to build YATRIDES up one of the most meaningful genius painters of the 20th century. At the end of the 20th century, humanity's rate of change had spiralled exponentially. The closer we got to the years 2000, the faster technology advanced and looking back at the days behind us, the more it felt like we were making leaps from cavemen to astronauts every day. I feel YATRIDES' painting explore the dilemma. In his paintings he shows us the past, the present, the future and beyond into the unknown ;  much like Stanley KUBRICK  tried to do in his film 2001: a space odyssey. It has been speculated that the black obelisk, the central mysterious element of Kubrick's historically significant film, was based on Yatrides' series of paintings » Brendan TURRILL, Los Angeles 0ctober 29, 2008.

The film thus proposed for YATRIDES by Brendan Turrill, the synopsis of the scenario that emphasizes his professionalism of director. The Union Bank of Switzerland does not understand the position of YATRIDES, who wishes the rigor of Brendan Turrill script is maintained. For bankers, financial partners, it is about to use a sequence of his tumultuous life long: painting, research at CEA, mountaineering in the Alps, on the eastern Cordillera Mexico, his travels, his marriages, his refusal. Their project, be able to use in several films; suites somehow. Yatridès can not be conducted on several contracts, which he does not know the time required to complete each of them, and contingencies. In 2008 he was 77 years; the times of freedom are involved. He refused


Those who copy
Those who made false


The Judicial Police recorded 124 fake paintings YATRIDES, the list sent to the OCBC (Central Office of Fraud on Cultural Goods) and false copies, handling of titles, sizes, their physical characteristics which are added to this day twenty more.  Many of them run into the auction rooms

Also, always harmful, sale conducted in Christie's New York East of a false picture, the 5th in the list ArtPrice, the painting "Street Scene". Indeed: the authentic painting dated 1960, represents a Paris street and is entitled "PARIS street near BUFFAULT" address where YATRIDES lived. This work was painted with water monochrome sepia,  linen canvas stretched on frame and not an oil on paper. It is difficult to imagine that the experts CHRISTIE'S, could have confused the paper with canvas. Yet it proved possible! Error or mistake, some think that this is not innocent. that we refuse to believe, despite the obvious facts, which means, in fact, a questionable work if not false, resulting discredited sale, however acquired by a gullible collector. Furthermore painting "Street scene" genuine, is a totally different water paint whose composition comprises two characters. So this is not a still life.

The false sold at Christie's May 10, 1993:
''Street scene''.
25.50 "x 19.80"
Created: not given
Lot: 126
Christie's New York, "East"

Taking into account the number of false circulating especially among auctioneers, it is probable that at Christie's and SOUTHEBY, and many other home sales number could be impressive.

What is notable is that the oils YATRIDES, some reproductions appear on YATRIDES WIKIPEDIA and YATRIDES USER WIKIPEDIA give examples of authentic work of this master. Very different substitute made by amateurs.


The principals
The Spectators and the Gullible people

 a- Those who attend these events and include the activities of the establishment: the dominant or influential group?
       (BOUSSAC, ADAGP, artistic trade press, acquired at such actions)

 b- Those who understood and who express, not too loud, for fear of not being fashionable.

 c- Those who almost understood, but because of this, can not articulate it.
Those who work and use their time to their survival

 e- Those who did not understand but which can be brought to understand

 f- Those who dream, for whom we can do nothing, see only to be manipulated to satisfy
     the derisory art manufacturers, hungry dollars financiers, at the expense of gullible buyers,
     purchasers of insignificant objects immediately devalued.

Vibration Essentielle
oil on canvas, 97x130 cm