Six (6) dictionaries are studying and record 
the progression of his work

Seven (7) official biographies at the stages of its existence 

Eleven (11) international events biennial-fairs 
present its work highlighted

.#. INTERNATIONAL GALLERIES 1959 Samuel-E. JOHNSON Director: "The youngest of our exhibitors. «Surrounded by series of insignificant contemporaries whose names won temporary renown through worldwide publicity campaigns, YATRIDES stands out as one of the few painters of his generation having sufficient artistic strength and talent to make him capable of achieving that level of permanent value and recognition accorded to the works of truly great artrists.  Contemporary Masters march 02-thru April 18, 1959. (Biography)

.#. COLLECTOR's Choice 1965 extracts: "The dominant factor which thus characterizes the art of YATRIDES is the painter's utter and pure individuality (...)". The position of YATRIDES is strong and steadily growing stronger. Samuel E. JOHNSON. (Dictionary)

.#. EVENTS USA 1950-1972 - INTERNATIONAL GALLERIES through the United States Galleries: "Paintings of YATRIDES enter important Collections in every major city of the United States and Canada and arouse the interest of South American and Europeans notably England and Switzerland Collectors. '' Enthusiastic support of a whole series of critics and collectors' (...) «YATRIDES has found unlimited horizons for his artistic expression "SE JOHNSON. (International Events USA)

.#. PALAIS DES CONGRES Nice, France 1974 - Retrospective designs YATRIDES 1957-1974. (International Events France)

.#. BENEZIT dictionary 1978.  "Numerous exhibitions since 1957.  Development on the bottom: "personal use of perspective in the service of light. (Dictionary)

.#. Biography 1979 «YATRIDES 1945-1978', 94 pages. Castle of the Condamine. (Biography)

.#. XIéme SALON de MONTMORENCY, 08 to November 22, 1981 - Grand Prize of the City. (International Events)

.#. SACRE-COEUR Montmartre Paris 1981, "The rails of the sky",  3 Crypts attributed to the work of YATRIDES by Bishop Maxime CHARLES. (International Events)

.#. SALON COMPARAISONS Paris 1982 - 2 works presented by the "Place Beauvau Gallery". (International Events)

.#. XIIIéme SALON de MONTMORENCY 13-November 27, 1983 - YATRIDES Great contemporary painter, 24 pages.catalog (International Events)

.#. LYON, 1983, French School of Press Officers, founding Director Denis HUISMAN;  « Public Relations and the Communication Techniques in the Service of painting, Georges YATRIDES » 407 pages. " 
The agreement that you kindly sponsor allowing us to study your work, honors our school "
signed: Jean-Jacques GENY Director. (Biography)

 #. The Universe of YATRIDES 1984, 48 pages. Metallograms Iconographiques, Château de la Condamine. (Biography)

WHO'S WHO in International Art dictionary, Patrick BARRER Director, 1987- 16 pages of  the dictionary dedicaed to George Yatrides : "With the work of YATRIDES we are witnessing the reconquest of the territories lost by painting for a century, not to throw the harvests of yesteryear, the restoration of classic art, but to reap the benefits of an unprecedented, meticulous effort, stubborn technical development, merciless criticism of oneself and others, demanding admiration for the great masters, in the service of a foolish project. Jean-Paul Sartre had criticized in his time positivism that wanted to treat man as a being of the world by neglecting this essential fact that man is also a being who represents the world and himself in the world. (...) YATRIDES is the first painter who meets and takes this challenge, without resorting to the shady artifices (...) of a counter-culture built by the precarious achievements of a vanguard long since discredited". (Who's Who in International Art dictionary).

.#. XXXIII SALON in MONTARGIS 07, May 23, 1988. "This year the show will be an exceptional nature by the participation of the painter Georges YATRIDES internationally acclaimed. This is truly an event (...) an artist of this level who exposes in major capitals, art cities".  General Counsel Michel BRISSON. (International Events)

.#. XVIIIème SALON  de MONTMORENCY 14 au 29 janvier 1989. (International Events)

.#. WHO's WHO in International Art: 1998-1999 'Confirmation of the excerpts from the previous Who's Who' (...) "Apogee of the work of YATRIDES (...). opposite the denigration and taunts of those who take refuge in a growing subculture of related profits more and more discredited". (Dictionary)

.#. EVENTS international, Guest of Honour, events identified in many dictionaries. (International Events)

.#. BIENNALES INTERNATIONALE Canada France 1987 et 1988-1991, YATRIDES Great Master Guest, 48 pages. (International Events)

.#. BIENNIAL international France - Canada 1991-1993, YATRIDES Main Master Guest 72 pages. (International Events)

.#. The French State establishes the biography of YATRIDES 1977/1985 - Annexes 49, 62 and 68: 1987/2014. 32 pages « (...) YATRIDES is in the lineage of the greatest masters. It is located by the quality: the Summit and by the message proclaimed: ahead of pictorial creation of our time (...) It draws its inspiration from a very broad culture that embraces the human adventure of the most ancient Archaeology at the most advanced science. Jean-Claude CAVAILLE Inspector General, Directorate General of the French administration with the Tax Administration. Expertise 1977-1980 and 1981-1985 controls 3938 B and 3953 - V.A.S.F.E. 1981/1977-1981/1985 (checks advanced to the tax Situation) Annex 49 (1945/1994) - Annex 62 (1995/2008) Annex 68 (2009-2014)
Administrative publications: 1981, 1985, 1987, 1996, 2007, 2014. (Biography)

.#. Arthur CONTE historian 1992 CEO ORTF, President of the Western Europe 1962 Yatridès "master of time" 270 pages. "Artist of genius,  creator of time and space,  in the strongest sense of the definition. (Biography)

.#. Alexandre BOURMESTER 1994  Professor semiotician: biography Yatridès and his century anti-Picasso 278 p. (Biography)

.#. Guide MAYER 1996 to assert that right. Par la présente, Editions ACATOS CH - Lausanne Edition, attest that the tire-to-part on the artist Georges YATRIDES contained in the Guide MAYER 1996 is not an advertisement but only a notice that the artist asked us to pass, it is therefore a right of communication that we gave to this artist because Guide MAYER is also a means of communication whichwhile keeping its neutrality, gives the right to speak to all professional categories of the art world. Our vocation is the objectivity, the tire-to-part concerned consists of a summary extracted from explicit documents held by ACATOS Editions and the Guide MAYER. Therefore, to do no harm to the integrity of this great artist, we have granted free this tire-to-part.To assert that right. (Dictionary)

.#. ALZIEU  Editions 2008, Dictionaries of painters and sculptors who lived or realized some of their works in Dauphiné France: (5 pages devoted to YATRIDES   extracted of this Dictionary).

Non-exhaustive list.